The Fractal Cauliflowers

by The Fractal Cauliflowers

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The very first Fractal Cauliflowers release, produced during the second half of 2013. A shaking mixture of old-time, romantic period, krautrock, blues and heavy distortion.


released January 8, 2014

Katri Antikainen: cello, vocals, percussion
L. Don Ohkami: banjo, guitars, vocals, percussion, bass
Ilmari Peltoniemi: percussion
Aku-Pekka Kurjenniemi: drums

Recordings: Petri Kuha, Jari Nieminen
Mix: Katri Antikainen
Mastering: Jussi Suonikko
Photography: Mikko Huotari
Graphics: Jani Kemppinen



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The Fractal Cauliflowers Tampere, Finland

Finland based duo (Katri Antikainen: cello and vocals, L. Don Ohkami: banjo, guitar, resoguitar and vocals) that revolves around exploring just how wide a range of sounds it’s possible to get out of two instruments that are not commonly seen together, and how wide a range of musical material can be interpreted and deconstructed with them. Result: pure awesomeness! ... more

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Track Name: Bad Brownie #14
Everything is making me nervous
Even my old bong won't help at all
I don't know if it's the full moon or the pizza
But soon I'm gonna start climbing the walls

That street light over there is looking at me funny
And L. Ron Hubbard's listening to my phone
Water heater's singing songs from Heino
And the stereo's playing Radio Interzone

I'm standing in the doorway, I'm trying to get some air
But I didn't pay the air bill, I did it on a dare
If the state could help me I might give them a call
But Halla-Aho makes my skin crawl

Jabberwocky's staring at my window
There's snakes and beetles crawling down my wall
And Gorby doll is hanging from the ceiling
And he's talking in a low-down southern drawl

Saying, 'Boy get your ass up and get moving
Stop hanging around here just like you was dead'
So I jump up and run out into the hallway
And I try to clear the cobwebs from my head

I'm standing in the doorway...
Track Name: Sonata for Cello #1 (E Minor, 1st Movement)
Lord, won't you buy me
A Mercedes-Benz 'cause all the gents here
Are so goddamn broke they ain't even got hope
Of treating me good

They try to get by
And love me on the side
But in the end it's clear that their fear
Of seeing me go, go, go
Will kill their kicks and spend their chips
And take down what's left of their fix
Of loving and holding me for a little while,
A while at a time

So lord, won't you show me
Someone who would take my heart instead of me
Who would make me stay for longer than just play
And a change of mind

They believe in angels
They think they've thought it through, well
I'm an angel of sin, boy
And I'm gonna condemn you

No prayer will do
I never will be true
As many times as I come on by
I will go, go, go
Well there's two barrels on my gun
The other's cruel and the other's fun
You call me if you wanna see where I will aim
To make you tame

So lord, won't you buy me
A Mercedes-Benz 'cause all the gents here
Seem to be in the mood
And I gotta do some driving around
Track Name: Slow Ballad of a Very Sad Man
I was born in a bucket at my old mama's feet
The thoughts that crowd 'round me run ever so deep
And the first thought I had when the cord she bit through
Oh mother, oh mother, can I stay with you

I'm standing in rain, I'm a young fourty-nine
But like grapes in a bottle I'm such a fine wine
I've never caused trouble or had a sex change
But my poor little doggy he died of the mange

Yes, It's time to go home now, time to go home
I've packed up my floss and an old ivory comb
Wherever I wander I'll be thinking of me
And how lucky the world is to have me for free

Sadly last night I died in my sleep
I'm told, the landlady for my rent she did weep
And over the hills where the moo-cows do low
They'll wait an eternity for poor me to show

I can't quite remember what I did with my life
But I'm sure there was nothing of trouble or strife
And time since I've died it now seems to me
That this song from the grave is my reality

Yes, It's time to go home now, it's time to go home
I've packed up my floss and an old ivory comb
Wherever I wander I'll be thinking of me
And how lucky the world was to have me for free
Track Name: Walk to Work in a Sharkless Sea
Sucking hard on my cigarette
Walking to work, but I'm not there yet
Sun blasts the pavement with its clear laser light
But the concrete's still gray and I'm far from all right
I suppose in the country the air is still clean
In the early morning dew you can see where you've been
Across the field and on to the school
Or by the byre near the granite-clear pool

Stomped both my feet like a temperance entertainer
Shook carbon dew from my gray Nike trainers
Watched as a rabbit with a Volkswagen logo
Stumbled as he woke him, a urine-smelling hobo
You can say I've missed my country and town
But I can't see the sun 'cause the docks is going down
Out in the parlor where the latte costs five pounds
I can't hear my iPod for the baying of the hounds